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Solar PV installation requires a lot of care and consideration, and as a reputable business, it’s your responsibility to ensure installation is done safely and securely. Mounting systems may be considered a small component, but they are also an integral element of the process.

At, we offer a comprehensive selection of solar PV mounting solutions that suit almost any type of system. From brackets for mounting on different types of roofing, including slate and tiles, to flat roof and grounded systems.

Our products are high-quality, long-lasting and well-designed, and will facilitate in mounting your desired solar PV systems for a whole range of modules. Our components allow for almost any type of configuration, guaranteeing optimal integration, for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

It’s our guarantee that our rails, joiners, brackets and all other manner of solar PV mounting products will come from highly reliable, tried and trusted manufacturers, so when it comes to your business’s installation of your client’s systems, you won’t have to worry about unfit-for-purpose products.

We sell products from a range of different manufacturers, including big names such as Renusol, Schletter, Clenergy and Genius Roof. These manufacturers are experts in the solar PV industry and offer high-quality mounting products that are made to last.

Any business is only as good as the services it provides, and in such a competitive market, it’s important that your sourced products offer the same guarantee that you are offering your customers.

Join our list of clients today and help us achieve your goals of providing high-quality, eco-friendly energy solutions to a growing market, that’s increasingly environmentally aware.

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    Good quality materials

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